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Artwork guidelines

Branding on your USB product is vital to the success of your project and to achieving maximum return on investment.

As such, suitable graphics are essential to the quick production and timely delivery of your order.

Please use this handy guide to help you in providing the right graphics files for your order, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Branding areas and dimensions

All product pages show the branding areas and dimensions of each area. Please use these as a guideline when creating your artwork.

Should you not specify size and positioning on your purchase order, our designers will scale and place your artwork according to the standard parameters for each model.

Graphics files

Unlike raster files, which are based on colour squares, vector files use mathematical formulas to draw lines and curves, making them ideal for printing because there will be no loss of quality at any size or resolution.

Most branding methods require vector artwork, which includes files such as .pdf, .eps, .ai, .cdr, .cad and some others. Files should be at 300 dpi resolution or higher.

Unsuitable raster files include .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .psd.

If you are unsure, please send us your artwork for evaluation. If you do not have access to the vector files or a graphic designer, we are able to convert or re-draw your images at a fee.


Pantone is a universal colour system that allows graphic designers, manufacturers and printers to speak the same language.

Most corporate identities will have PMS references, which ensure that the logo colours will be consistent, regardless of the use.

If you are unable to identify your Pantone references, we will select the colours that most closely match those on your logo and images. Some variation may occur.

All colours must be set to 100% opacity and fill. Different shades of the same colour have to be printed individually and will be considered as separate colours.

Pure black and pure white do not require Pantone colours, but all shades of grey do.

Full-colour printing, laser engraving, oxidising and heat stamping do not require colours to be identified.


If you are including text, please send us the font name and size, as well as any specific attributes. For uncommon fonts, we may also need the font files.

Should you not specify a font, we will use standard Arial.

Please contact us if you need clarification or help with choosing the right branding method.

Download our Artwork Guidelines.

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