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Heat stamping on USB flash drives

Heat stamping creates a striking, yet subtle, debossed effect on leather drives and silicon wristband units.



Heat stamping involves making a bronze mould on which the logo is embossed, then heating the mould and pressing it onto the unit to achieve a debossed effect.

This is the preferred branding method for leather flash drives, as it does not change the colour of the material, but creates depth and definition.

Applies to: leather, silicon wristbands

Business Card 2.0

Your USB Business Card drives provide a blank canvas on which to convey your message. Full-colour, double-sided branding creates impact and drives brand recognition.

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Eco Options

Green your marketing and communications with sustainable bamboo USB and recycled paper flash drives



Advertising agencies, marketing companies, promotional gifts suppliers, retail partners and other qualifying organisations can register for our reseller programme.


New! USB Books

Engage and expand your audience by turning your publication into a digital USB book. We create a page turning version of your catalogue, brochure, magazine, e-book and corporate documentation.


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