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Pre-loaded content turns your USB flash drive into a powerful communication and business tool.

We offer various types of duplication services to suit your needs, including embedding/non-delete, auto-run/auto-play and volume naming.




Why pre-load data?

A memory stick provides the means to convey your message in a sought-after, interactive format. When combined with branding on the unit, pre-loaded content increases impact and return on investment.

Data services


Files are locked onto the unit as read-only, which means they can be viewed and printed, but cannot be altered or deleted from the drive. This is achieved by partitioning the drive into two sections, one of which holds your locked data, the other which is available for normal use.

Auto-run or auto-play

Your data can be coded to launch automatically when the drive is plugged in. This is especially useful for digital magazines, sound and video files, or software applications.

Please note that this feature may not work on some operating systems, and that some organisations may disable this function altogether. In these instances, the content will be accessible by the recipient, but will have to be opened like a regular file.

Standard load

Data is copied onto the drive and can be deleted by the recipient

Volume naming

The drive can be renamed to display your company or brand name when plugged in. Please note the limit for this feature is 11 characters.

What kinds of files can I load?

Your content is limited only by your imagination. We do not amend your data in any way – we simply load what you provide according to the supplied folder structure and file names.

Here are some ideas:

  • Company profiles
  • Marketing collateral
  • Press/media material
  • Presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Survey or research reports
  • Product catalogues
  • Sales material such as product specifications, data sheets, images
  • Sound files of webinars, speeches, music
  • Videos of messages from the board, speeches, product or venue tours
  • Intranets/offline websites
  • Conference material
  • Training material
  • Portfolios and show reels
  • Coupons/electronic vouchers
  • Brand activation material
  • Competition details and entry forms
  • Event invitations and access
  • Trial or full versions of software applications

If your data contains numerous files and folders, we will send you a screen shot of the layout for approval prior to production.

How many files can I load?

The number of files your flash drive can hold will depend on the memory capacity and the types of files you are loading.

In our experience, the average image file is 2MB, the average MP3 is 3MB and the average mpeg video is 700MB.

To maximise your return on investment, we recommend leaving at least 50% of the drive capacity free for recipient use. In other words, don’t overfill the drive, as the recipient may not find it worthwhile to carry the unit around and use it for their own purposes.

How do I transmit my data?

This depends on the size of your content. Your data can reach us via:

  • Email: Files up to 10MB can be emailed to us directly in one zipped document. Small files can be sent without compression.
  • Online drop-box: Files up to 2GB can be uploaded to our secure file-sharing site. Files should be uploaded as one zipped document.
  • FTP/download: We can download your data from any FTP site or download link for which you provide details. Files should be in one zipped document.
  • Storage device: You can send your data to us on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. Please use a courier service or direct delivery, as regular post can be slow and unpredictable.

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