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Do you need your flash drive casing to be a specific colour?

Simply provide us with your Pantone references and we will match the colour of your USB flash drive.



Why match your colour?

Your corporate identity is the frontline for your brand and must be represented consistently.

Pantone colour-matching is a subtle, yet effective, way of reinforcing your corporate identity.

How does it work?

The Pantone system works on universal PMS colour references, which are set values that allow each colour to remain consistent no matter who is printing it and on what.

When you supply with us with your Pantone colour references, we mix the ink to the correct colour before manufacturing your casing. Please note that CMYK values are not acceptable for this purpose and may result in colour variations.

What units can I customise?

This service applies to most casings that contain colour. Metal, pen, card and leather units are excluded. However, on those ranges, we are still able to Pantone match the colours in your logo for print.

What is the minimum order?

We can colour match from as few as 50 units for a nominal fee, and this service is free of charge on orders of 200 or more.

What is the lead-time?

Colour-matched units are available in the same timeframe as standard units. For most items, this is 10-12 calendar days, while some are delivered within 7 days.

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