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Welcome to the next generation of flash drives

USB on-the-go, also known as USB OTG, is the latest development in portable storage.

With an OTG port on one side and a standard USB port on the other, this innovative technology enables you to seamlessly transfer data between a range of devices without the hassle of cables or connectors.

Watch our video to see how simple it is to transfer data to and from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

*Please note the OTG port is currently compatible with most Android devices and select Windows devices only. The USB port is compatible with all operating systems.


Popular capless USB drive with swivel lid and recycled plastic casing

Unit dimensions   7cm x 1.9cm x 1cm      
Standard colours     Pantone Colour matching available      

Rubberised body with metal lid

Memory sizes        
Lead-time   10-12 calendar days      
Minimum order   50 units      








Data Options


the data is loaded permanently and cannot be formatted or deleted by the recipient, but can be viewed and printed this is achieved by partitioning the drive into two sections, one of which is available for normal use, while the other holds the locked data


  • the data is configured to run automatically when the drive is plugged in
  • this also requires partitioning of the drive and the recipient cannot delete the data, but they can view and print it
  • please note that some operating systems do not allow this feature and some users may disable auto-run/auto-play on their systems


Standard load

  • data is copied and pasted onto the drive and can be deleted by the recipient

Important to note: For maximum return on investment, we recommend that a minimum of 50% of the drive capacity be left available for recipient use.

Volume name

  • the drive can display the company/brand name when plugged in

File types

We can pre-load anything that you provide. We do not amend your data in any way and we load it according to the supplied folder structure and file names.


Branding areas:

Branding dimensions: Branding options
Two on front, two on back

2.8cm x 1.25cm

Up to 4-colour spot print, full-colour print, laser engraving

Business Card 2.0

Your USB Business Card drives provide a blank canvas on which to convey your message. Full-colour, double-sided branding creates impact and drives brand recognition.

Read more ...

Eco Options

Green your marketing and communications with sustainable bamboo USB and recycled paper flash drives



Advertising agencies, marketing companies, promotional gifts suppliers, retail partners and other qualifying organisations can register for our reseller programme.


New! USB Books

Engage and expand your audience by turning your publication into a digital USB book. We create a page turning version of your catalogue, brochure, magazine, e-book and corporate documentation.


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